Sri Krsna Janmashtami


Today I saw old faces only briefly at Sri Krsna Janmashtami celebration.
There were many guests and many wonderful dishes were prepared with a delicious cake at the end.

It was a very interesting day for me, full of coincidences.
Cos I cooked curry with friends for lunch as well.
I’d been wanting to cook curry but didn’t have a chance for many good months.
When a friend requested curry for menu and another said Sunday she’s free,
nobody was aware that it was a special day.

But now I feel my Gurudev was trying to say something today.
OK the lunch curry was a simple, humble curry but was delicious.
I sang one song before eating and then I repented later.
But overall it was a nice little gathering we had.

It was such a contrast to the more successful party at another devotee’s house.
However, talking to some friendly people there I realised
I’m here making a life-long commitment.
And it is crucial to maintain my identity as Srila Gurudev’s disciple and not anybody else’s.

So I feel Gurudev said to me today ‘Ajitasha, never mind what you can’t do.
Do what you can do now! Stop asking “what for?” !!!!’

I came home late and was making the abc cards for my little students I started to make last night.
It takes bloody long hours and the kids might not show any interest.
And now I am writing God-knows-what.

Srila Gurudev says ‘Yes I did tell your husband that you cannot do much for HIM. I KNOW you. But never mind that. Do what you can do for ME. And I WILL help you.’